A Brief Idea About Parole

Whatever may be the criminal case you are alleged with, there is always a shimmer of hope even after you are jailed. Not that we would like that you don the prisoner attire, but there are certain things you should know about parole. As an experienced criminal defense attorney in Houston, it is important that we inform you about the rights and what goes in a parole.

What Is Parole?

Parole is a premature release from prison before the prisoner has completed the sentence. The prisoners who are under parole or parolees are supervised for the remaining time and must follow a set of conditions. As a prisoner, you are not entitled to parole, but you can earn it in due course of time. The “parole board” takes several factors into consideration before coming to granting the parole.

Who Grants Parole?

Unlike the misconception that most have, parole is granted by a special group of prison officials and not the judges. This group of officials is called the parole board who meet several times to address the requests. It is then up to the board to decide if the prisoner is to be granted parole or not. In some cases, if the board denies a parole the prisoners can appeal to the governor to consider their case.

Considerations and Conditions:

The parole board considers several factors while deciding the parole. These considerations can differ according to your state. However, some of the most common parole considerations are the seriousness of your offense and the parole recommendations of the sentencing judge. Apart from this, the concern of the victim regarding your parole and adherence to rules and regulations in the prison is also considered. Once you are granted parole, there are several conditions one needs to follow. From obeying every rule to attending counseling and meeting your parole agent at regular intervals, there are several conditions in place to supervise you.

These are some basic facts you should know about parole. Parole is basically law enforcement’s way of telling you that you have been good and that’s the reason we are releasing you early. However, given your record, we will need to keep an eye on you. In case you want to know more about the parole conditions or think that the conditions are harsh for you, you can always resort to a criminal defense attorney in Houston like us. With the vast experience of Sam A. Maida, you will find a sensible and logical ally in the form of the best criminal defense attorney in Houston.

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