“Trespassers will be prosecuted” is a phrase you must have come across. However, that’s not possible and wrong. Trespassing is a misdemeanor. However, a misdemeanor or a civil wrongdoing should be discussed. In fact, you might incur some financial loss if you are ever accused of it. It is better to have an idea about trespassing before you actually need a criminal defense attorney in Harris County to help you out.

What is trespassing?

Trespassing, in the simplest terms, is unlawfully entering into someone else’s property without prior permission or even authority to do so. Interfering in another’s property is also considered trespassing. This is a misdemeanor and one should be careful not to commit this. Look out for signboards which ask you not to enter the property. It is better to stay off the property. To be honest, a board saying, “Private property – Keep off it” is the right way to inform people not to trespass. In some jurisdictions, courts won’t convict trespassers if the land appeared to be unimproved or unused.

Consequences of trespassing

Generally, the victim might recover some monetary damages in the case of trespassing. The general consequences of the misdemeanor are:

  • Imprisonment
  • Fines
  • Monetary damages paid to the property owner

Though these are some common repercussions that one may face when accused of trespassing, the nature of the property under consideration judges the seriousness of the offense. For example, trespassing at a corporate organization is a serious offense than trespassing in a rural field.

Legal Defenses

Going to a criminal defense attorney in Harris County is the best thing you can do when accused of trespassing. An intent is required to consider trespassing as a crime. If the accused doesn’t have any intent or went in accidentally, the element of intent can be taken out of context. Apart from that, the attorney may put up a defense along the lines of you having the right or consent to enter the property.

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney in Harris County is the best bet you can place when charged with trespassing. Attorney Sam A. Maida is one the best legal consultants you will come across. With a thorough understanding of the complicated laws as well as the emotional state of the accused, he can provide a better perspective towards your defense.

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