Taxes are important for a country to operate and there are no qualms on that. However, there are some instances where people evade taxes in a selfish manner. This, in return, hampers several issues associated with it. It is considered one of the top-most “white collar” crimes and an experienced Harris County criminal defense attorney has enough experience to deal with such issues. With all said and done, one must know about the tax evasion laws and other things linked to it.

What is Tax Evasion?

Simply stated, tax evasion is an act carried out to defraud the IRS. It often involves an individual or a corporation misrepresenting their income and sources to the IRS. There can be several layers when we talk about misrepresentation. It may include underreporting the annual income, increasing deductions, keeping a part of the taxable money under the rugs, or even transferring income to offshore accounts. An experienced Harris County criminal defense attorney like Sam A. Maida can take charge of representing you in case you are accused on any of these allegations.

Types of Tax Evasion

There are 3 major types of tax evasion which you should know about. They are:

  • Personal Tax Evasion: It includes the evasion of taxes which belong to a person. That is, showing a lesser income or inflated deductibles can fall under this category. If the IRS finds loopholes while auditing your papers, they might charge you with evasion.
  • Business Tax Evasion: As the name suggests, it involves all kinds of fraud attempts in business. Much alike the personal tax evasion, showing lesser income and higher deductibles are looked at. In addition to that, claiming personal expenses as business expenses and hiding or transferring of incomes are also taken into consideration.
  • Employment Tax Evasion: When an employer fails to pay employment taxes or fabricates payrolls, the IRS looks at it as employment tax evasion. In addition to that, pyramiding and employment leasing are also a part of the employment tax evasion.

Importance of a legal advice

In case you are accused of tax evasion in Harris County, you should reach out to an experienced Harris County criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. There are several rights and the legal system is a complicated one. Sometimes, people don’t necessarily evade taxes. It just happens to be a streak of carelessness. This is termed negligent tax mistakes. This is not considered a crime, but you might be charged with civil penalties. These and many more complications in the legal system make it difficult to understand for a layman. Hiring an experienced attorney like Sam A. Maida is the most logical step to take when you are accused of anything related to tax evasion.

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