Houston Criminal Defense Attorney


Facing criminal charges can be overwhelming. But, the world is not lost – yet. All you need a good legal defense to make your case in the court and come out triumph. When it comes to finding the best criminal defense attorney in Houston, look no further than Criminal Defense Lawyer Here. With more than 30 years of legal practice, we can assure you the best defense you can hope for against any kind of criminal charges.

Sam A. Maida, Sr. has been practicing criminal law in private practice for over 30 years in Harris and surrounding counties. He is an AV Rated Attorney receiving the highest rating possible in legal ability and ethical standards. He is also a Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association Member and Mr. Maida is a member of the Texas BAR.

We specialize in criminal cases like assault, fraud, murder, kidnapping, theft, forgery, evading arrest, robbery, arson and many more. We have successfully defended clients facing these criminal charges and also helped them get lenient penalties in case they are found guilty. With a thorough understanding of the law governing the criminal cases, the court proceedings, the trials, judges and the entire process, we help clients get the best defense.

From understanding the case to finding loopholes or inconsistencies in the system that can work in your favor, we do everything within the ethical practice of law to find the best defense for your case. Even a weak case can be won if you have the right representation. From counseling to finding facts, from heavy paperwork to going on trials, we have you covered. Trust our legal team to be with you to help you get through the mess.

With such a highly experienced Houston criminal defense attorney, we ensure that everything goes according to the plan and smoothly. It is our duty to ensure you understand your rights and do all the right things during the trials.