Drinking under the Influence is an offense many are scared of and rightfully so! It puts several lives in jeopardy. Drunk driving is never a good sign and the laws related to it are harsh. From fines to suspension of license, you can land yourself in big trouble if charged with DUI. In case you are pulled over for a DUI, a Houston criminal defense lawyer can certainly help you, but try not to be in such a situation. However, there are certain things you should know about the laws and penalties involved with this offense.

One of the major penalties that people charged with DUI face is the suspension of license. The Administrative License Revocation (ALR) program is a civil administrative process that overlooks the suspension of license. So, how does the license suspension work exactly? Here are some rules around it you should know about.

What happens when caught for the first time?

Typically, the license is suspended for 6 months when charged DUI first time. However, the laws related to it in Texas are complicated. How long the suspension will last depends on several factors. Factors like which kind of suspension it is (administrative or court-triggered) matter for calculating the suspension duration. Typically, for the first time offenders, the choice is between six months no driving with two days in jail or nine months no driving without any jail time. Lastly, you can apply for restricted driving privileges, i.e. you can drive to and from work (and other court-ordered programs). Get in touch with an experienced Houston criminal defense lawyer to understand this well.

What happens when caught subsequent times?

When you are caught more than once, the penalty in terms of license suspension gets tougher. The more prior cases you have, the longer your license will be suspended. In the case of a second DUI, the license will be typically suspended for two years, three years for the 3rd DUI. If you get caught for the 4th time, you might receive a four year suspension or worse. Along with the suspension, you might also receive the “habitual traffic offender” status. In which case, the license might be permanently revoked.

These are the duration of license suspension. General durations and the actual one might differ according to several other factors like age, refusal to test, probation period, etc.. No matter what situation you are in, you need to make sure you place a call to an experienced Houston criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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