When you are charged with a crime, no matter what a lawyer does, you have to go to the court. There are some etiquettes that need to be followed in the courtroom and dressing is one of them. It is understandable that it sounds trivial, but it is important that as someone charged with a criminal offense, you need to be dressed well. Apart from what we, as your criminal defense attorney in Houston, say or what arguments we use in front of the judge, he will start judging you from the moment he lays his eyes on you. It is human nature. It is often heard that “the first impression lasts long”. It is even truer when it comes to criminal allegations. Creating a good first impression is a good way to start the courtroom proceedings.

Here are some common mistakes that people make while dressing up for a trial. Make sure you avoid these.

  • Loud Dresses: Many convicts have committed a serious mistake of wearing their “rebel” colors to the courtroom. This is the first step where the judges start to consider you as a unsocial being. It is better that you keep the unorthodox attitude aside and not wear anything loud to the trial. The best attire that one can think of is a simple suit. In case you lack a simple basic suit, try to put something much more subtle like a simple shirt and a tie. It can only help your hearing.
  • Putting On Jewelry: Jewelry, even though it doesn’t seem bad, is a bad idea to wear to the courtroom. It has a lot of bad implications. When worn in a court, it often indicates a show of power and wealth.
  • Wearing A Dress Similar To The Day Of The Act: This is, by far, the worst mistake people make. You have been charged with a crime (regardless of the arrest being right or wrong) and been brought to law to deal with. Wearing a dress similar to the day you were caught or when the unfortunate incident happened, is not a good idea. It will reinforce the memories of the witness. If you were wearing a suit on the day the incident took place, make sure you are not wearing a suit. Rather, a simpler dress would help or slacks, a nice shirt, and a tie.

Getting convicted in a criminal case can be tough. It has the potential to turn your world upside down. There are several things that can go wrong in your life due to the criminal allegation. Sam A. Maida has been a criminal defense attorney in Houston for quite some time and we can surely say from our experience that dressing up to go to the court matters a lot. It matters, even more, when there is a serious criminal allegation.

Hence, it is better to dress up for your courtroom hearing. Avoid the aforementioned dressing mistakes. Get in touch with us if you are looking for an experienced criminal defense attorney in Houston.

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