Sam A. Maids, Sr. has 30 years experience. He has successfully represented people in the court for a wide range of criminal cases. Sam A. Maida, Sr. is one of the most popular criminal defense lawyers in Houston with an excellent track record. No matter whether you are guilty or not, we let you have the best representation. Since correct legal representation is like winning half the battle it is important and we have dealt with a number of criminal cases, working with criminal defendants from all walks of life. For people who want the best legal defense, we are dedicated to preparing a very strong case on your behalf.

Our first responsibility as a lawyer is to make sure you understand your rights. Since facing criminal charges can be distressing and overwhelming, you don’t have to worry as we will take care of everything. Starting from facts to paperwork, and going on trial, to getting the desired results, we do it all. We believe and work on high ethical standards which have given us the reputation of being among the best in the field. As such, with a higher number of successful cases, you can trust us to render you a great legal defense from one of the best Houston criminal defense lawyers.

Sam A. Maida, Sr. is an AV Rated Attorney who has received the highest rating possible in ethical standards and legal abilities

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Your life will be impacted when you get charged with a criminal case. Once this happens, your first step is to find legal counsel to help you receive the best possible outcome for your case. The Sam A. Maida, Sr. is qualified to handle criminal cases aggressively. While our attorney takes an aggressive approach in the courtroom, they will also treat you with compassion, each and every step of the way

When the time comes for you to choose a Houston attorney, you can depend on Sam A. Maida, Sr. for experience and knowledge lawyers. We have previously defended clients charged with a vast array of crimes from speeding to charges carrying life sentences. Our lawyers will represent you if you are seeking a criminal defense lawyer in Houston. Choose Mr. Maida when you need a passionate advocate who will never back down against a tough government prosecutor.

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You don’t have to answer any query if you are charged with a crime and are interrogated by the police. In fact, we advise against it. Under the law, it is your right to have legal counsel present if you are questioned by the police. When you retain us as your attorney, we make sure you don’t accidentally incriminate yourself. Because anything you say will be used against you in court. So, depend on our skilled and professional defense lawyer if you are facing criminal charges. We thoroughly examine all evidence, look for holes in prosecutor’s case, and mount an aggressive defense strategy.

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The time right after you have been arrested can be tough and your actions and what you say can often have an impact on your case and future. As professional Houston lawyers, you can trust our company to represent you in every difficult situation. Our compassionate attorneys are prepared to fight for your rights

We have the skills and experience if you are arrested in Houston

Sam A. Maida, Sr. has experience and uses the knowledge and skills to obtain the best possible outcomes for his clients. (Even there are) strong advocates who helps adult clients charged with criminal offenses and assist them through the entire process while also trying to get the best result possible in court. When you need a criminal lawyer in Houston, you can rely on Mr. Maida for compassion, dedication, and professionalism. He does not just see you as another client, and he truly cares about you and what happens in your case.

Cases we handle

The criminal defense attorneys at Houston firm are equipped to handle all types of criminal charges including those that may seem minor. It is crucial to understand that trying to navigate the criminal justice system on your own puts you at the mercy of judges and prosecutors who are often most concerned with getting a conviction. Mr. Maida is concerned with protecting your rights and has tenacity and resources to help secure the most preferable outcome possible

He represents people charged with:

Violent crimes, murder, drug-related crimes, marijuana violations, white collar crimes, computer crimes, fraud, embezzlement, extortion, etc He can help

If you’re facing charges for these or any other criminal offense, Mr. Maida will take your case, fight for your rights, and protect you against mistreatment and injustice.

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Founded by famed Houston criminal defense lawyer Sam A. Maida has a well-earned reputation as one of the nation’s most effective criminal defense lawyers. He is dedicated to help people facing all kinds of criminal charges to get fair treatment. We take every necessary step to protect the freedom and rights of those we represent.